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Answer: San Mateo, California, USA (near San Francisco)
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Are Used (Previewed Movies) Movies, DVD's, Games or PVT's OK to buy?
Is it safe to use a credit card to buy product online?
Movies on Moratorium?
When do New Releases, Games, DVD's Adult movies come out?
Why can't ... I buy the latest New Release at a low price of $19.99 or so?I  
Where can I get Hard to find Movies ...etc. ?

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Are ... ?

  1. Are ... Used (Previewed Movies) Movies, Games or PVT's OK to buy? ... A. Yes SUPERLAND guarantees all Pre-viewed product against defects for 30 days. (exchange only)

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Can I...?

  1. Can I ... Order a Movie, DVD or Game if you do not have it in stock? ... A. Yes  [ SPECIAL ORDERS MOVIES & DVDS ]
  2. Rent Movies online?... A. No not at this time, however we may offer this service at a later date.
  3. Can I ... Email a question if it is not on the FAQ list? ... A. Yes Email to:
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  4. Can I ... Buy VHS videos with the PAL Standard (European Standard)? ... A. When ever we receive an order from Europe we want to confirm that you can play the movies on your VCR. The movies ordered from SUPERLAND are recorded in the NTSC (American standard). We do not have movies in the PAL (European). FYI, there are video duplicating stores which can transfer the video from the American to European Standard in Europe.
  5. Can I ... Buy DVD videos with Region Coding for my area? ... A. The DVD standard includes codes which can be used to prevent playback of certain discs in certain geographical regions. Each player is given a code for the region in which it's sold. The player will refuse to play discs which are not allowed in that region. This means that discs bought in one country may not play on players bought in another country.  [Glossary, DVD - Regional Coding]

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Does SUPERLAND ... ?

  1. Does ... SUPERLAND sell information about me?  ... A. NO, our Privacy Policy is: Your information will not be used for any other purpose than to give you the information you requested when you fill out one of our request forms, purchase ONLINE or E-Mail us. We will not provide, sell or lease your information to anyone. 
  2. Does ... SUPERLAND have a pledge to Parents?  ... A. YES, We strongly prohibit the rentals or sales to customers under 18 years old. We, SUPERLAND, PLEDGE TO PARENTS is that persons aged 18 or under MAY NOT rent or buy any videos, DVDs, Video Games or Laser Discs which are designated by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board as "Restricted" "R", "NC-17", "Mature", "Adults Only", "X" or "XXX" rated products, without parental consent. This is our pledge to the local community and the worldwide community, to insure the protection of minors from the influence of entertainment software that may be considered "harmful or violent or determined to have sexual content which is restricted". also see [MPAA Movie Ratings]

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How do I ... ?

  1. How do I ... Get a list of all your Movies, New Releases, DVD movies, or Games? ... A. Because the list would have to contain over 80,00 videos and the list would have to be updated daily or weekly it is impossible for any video store to have a list to give out. However we have two sources in our store which show all movies and DVDs. Check out our VideoLog (a movie catalog) and VIC (a Video Information Computer) where you can look up MOVIES & DVD's by your favorite STAR, TITLE, DIRECTOR, STUDIO, KEY WORDS ... etc. VIC is updated monthly with all the new movies and DVDs now available and coming soon.
  2. How do I ... Sell my used movies, DVD's, Games or Laser Discs? A. We will buy many of your pre-viewed (used) items. We're Buying <<< click here
  3. How do I ... Contact SUPERLAND? <<< click here


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  1. Is ... SUPERLAND part of a chain?...  A. No, we are a local Independent Online Retailer who supports our community and pays lots of taxes.
  2. Is ... it safe to use a credit card to buy product online?...  A. Yes, it is extremely safe. We use SSL Encrypted servers, which provide the highest level of security available on the internet. This technology is trusted by all major internet retailers, brokerage houses and banks. However, if your not comfortable submitting your information online, you can call us at (In California) (650) 369-7368 (Outside of California, toll free) 1(877) 238-6947 (Monday thru Friday, 9am - 5pm PST) ..... or Fax your order to (650) 368-7657 (24 hours, daily) or mail your order to:
       Attn: Customer Service Department

     San Mateo, Ca 94403

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What Are, What Is ... ?

  1. What are ... Moratorium Movies? .... A. Any Movie, Video or Game which the studio has put a hold on production and no longer produce the movie on VHS, DVD, Laser or Game Platform. Disney uses moratorium as a marketing tool by taking a video off the market (typically 7 years) thereby creating a demand for video when it is finally released. Some recent titles were released just recently i.e. LITTLE MERMAID and LADY AND THE TRAMP. Other major series recently are the 007 BOND SERIES which was just re-released in October 99 and STAR WARS TRILOGY which has been on moratorium since the release of STAR WARS:THE PHANTOM MENANCE. George Lucas will probably re-release these originals when the PREQUEL is released to video.
  2. What are ... SUPER BUCKS? ... A. GET $1.00 OFF your next Rental, By bringing your MOST WANTED NEW RELEASE rental movie or game back by 6:00PM the next day. We give you a SUPER BUCK which you can use the same day or within 30 days.
  3. What Are SUPERLAND's Guarantees, Policies, Shipping Options, etc. ... A. Policies
  4. What is ... Genre? .... A. Genre means type of movie i.e. drama, comedy, action, etc.
  5. What is ... Pre-Viewed? A. Pre-Viewed Movies, DVDs, Games, and Laser Discs are used videos and games. The average Pre-Viewed product has been rented less than 25 times and is just as good as new product. We guarantee all Pre-Viewed to be free of defects. If a Pre-Viewed item is defective return it with 14 days for exchange. 
  6. What are the NTSC or PAL Standards? ... A. [Glossary General Terms]

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What if ... ?

  1. What if ... Your video gets stuck in my VCR? ... A. Try unplugging the VCR and plug it back in, then press eject again, try more than once ... If this does not work bring the VCR in to the store, we will remove the tape, then you may need to get your VCR Cleaned and Adjusted. (You should plan on leaving your VCR for 24 hours, because our technician may not be available.
  2. What if ... The Video or Game I purchase does not work properly? ... A. Contact Us.

When ... ?

  1. When ... do the VHS & DVD New Releases come in to a video store? … A. National Street Date for 98% of all Videos is every TUESDAY.

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Why can't ... ?

  1. Why can't ... I buy the latest New Release at a low price of $19.99 or so? ... A. Most rental movies when they first come to a video store have a retail price of $102.99 - $110.99. After a period of typically 6 months or more, they are re-released by the Studio at what is called a Sell Through price ... usually $19.95 - $26.99. How ever SUPERLAND starts selling about 5 weeks after Street Date. Also we have 1000's of other 


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Still have Questions? ... CALL SUPIE at 
(650) 369-RENT(7368)  or Send an Email to

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